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Springride surfaces are produced in line with the latest Environment Agency Regulations, and sustainable materials and methods are used where-ever possible. Only the best quality materials are selected for the all-weather surfaces we are renowned for. In addition, we prepare our products for transport with the contractor and our customers in mind. We use easy-to-handle bags and we work to agreed delivery times, and keep you, our customer informed.
equestrian surfaces
horse riding surfaces
surfaces for horse riding


More stable, easy to lay and maintain

Eliminate tracking

Prevent kickback, retain moisture and won’t freeze


Better shape and improved to stay on top


Highest quality rubber and fibre composites


Can be delivered across the UK and Europe


All products delivered in easy-to-handle bags for your convenience


Back in the 1990s, Springride Surfaces created unique and highly efficient ‘all weather’ riding surfaces that truly enabled all year-round training.

By early 2000s, our equestrian riding surfaces were so popular that Springride became renowned for providing excellent products, services and customer care.

Our customers return to us time and time again for top ups and new surfaces and, over the years their children, now grown, have also come to Springride for their own arenas.

Springride Surfaces still offer the same uniquely personal service and is trusted by generations.


Springride Chip

A tested and economic but very efficient rubber surface. Adding a 2” covering of Springride Chip® to your sand will immediately relieve deadness and improve sand condition.

The greater percentage of rubber will stay on the surface (depending on sand quality) providing a cushioned ride whilst eliminating surface water and preventing freezing.


Springride Flex Tread Rubber

Made from soft black rubber (not from tyres), it’s unique character of curved, elongated, round and flat shapes give this surface incredible grip and support, whilst providing give and spring.

Springride Flextread is very supportive and in particular the 30mm size stays on top and makes a great ride-on surface for dressage or jumping.


Springride Flat Track

Flat-Track stays on top and gives great support making this a totally ride-on surface, ideal for driving and dressage.

Uniquely shaped flat rubber lays flat on the sand base and provides a very supportive surface with grip and spring, whilst retaining moisture and resisting freezing. This surface is particularly good for driving or dressage.


Springride Shredtex Pro Top

A specific blend of rubber and fibre, which produces a cushioned yet supportive ride-on surface. Shredtex Pro-Top is easy to lay, aids drainage but retains moisture and resists freezing. Shredtex Pro-Top is a great modern surface with good going and minimal kick back.

Very good for driving or dressage and easy to maintain. Can be used to improve deep sand surfaces.


Shredtex Pro Complete Surface

This surface can be used as it is,  straight on your base or membrane, it does not require sand underneath. Shredtex Pro Complete surface has been developed to combat the increasing cost of sand, to provide a great surface that’s easy to lay at an affordable cost.

This surface gives good support and grip with give and spring, it retains moisture but resists freezing. Just lay straight on the base, compact and ride!


Shredtex Fibre

For mixing into sand by machine, this fibre is delivered in easy-to-handle bales, improves support and adds spring just spread over your sand and mix in with a suitable machine.


Springride Shred

Our original surface introduced 25 years ago, still in use today and made Springride the well known name it is today. A blend of specifically shaped and uniquely patterned rubber that anchors into the sand layer to create a stable surface.

This product greatly reduces maintenance, provides great cushioning, and spring with minimal kick back.

Springride Shred® has great drainage properties and reduces dust, retaining moisture in dry months. Springride Shred® minimise the chance of freezing and is perfect for an all year arena.


Springride Arena Leveller

Springride arena levellers are specifically designed with our surfaces in mind. Levelling any surface easily, this leveller is a must for any arena owner.

The towable Springride levellers have sprung tines to rake over high spots and a specially patterned roller which rolls and beats the surface level. There are lowerable wheels to help manoeuver the grader or tow to and from your arena.

Our arena levellers are easy to handle and can be towed by quad bike, 4×4 car or tractor.

They are made to the highest standard and are galvanised to extend life expectancy when left outdoors. Our levellers are sold with a hitch for cars and quad bikes or 3 point link for tractors.



Geotextile membranes

Our high quality membranes are available in three different weights, woven or non-woven types. If you require membranes for your project we can deliver within days.

Land drain piping

Our perforated land drainpipes are high quality, great value and available perforated or non-perforated. We also supply jointing unions for all sizes.

Arena Kits

Drainage pipes, membrane, fence posts, fence rails, sand boards, gate posts and gates. All timber green tanalised. Delivery to your arena site.

Fencing materials

Fence posts, rails, boards and gates.



With more than 30 years in business and in excess of 100,000 tonnes of surfacing supplied, we, at Springride, have a wealth of experience to share and will always give trustworthy and unbiased advice. Do you need a site visit before making a decision? Would it help to see samples and receive comprehensive, impartial advice based on many year’s experience?  We are here to help you with quality equestrian surfaces UK, equestrian riding surfaces and playground surfaces supplier UK.