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A welcome compliment

We know how much people like our Springride Surfaces! But it still is lovely to get emails like this: Thank you Julie from Llandovery for this lovely email. Hi everyone. I had my Springride Chips delivered towards the end of last year and finally got them spread before Christmas. During the bad weather, the thermometer in our open barn read minus 20 but my school didn't freeze. Much thanks to Carmarthen Sand and Gravel for their advice on preparing the base for the school but also thanks to your company as the surface is great for all my horses and my friends horses and ponies. The children feel secure in the school and are enjoying themselves. We love Springride....

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New from Springride Surfaces

Spring-flock, Fibre surfacing Unique Equestrian grade fibre and rubber mix manufactured by Springride Our specially selected fibres are cut and processed in such a way to splay out the fibre strands and enhance their ability to overlap one another in the finished surface, the ends of the fibres hook to each other in order to support weight and provide grip. These specially processed fibres are also mixed with a blend of three types of rubber flakes, crumbs and granules to help provide spring. Our unique fibre and rubber mix is perfect for all equestrian disciplines, and can be used to help improve problem surfaces, such as deep or loose sand etc. This specially enhanced fibre surface material is easy to add to an existing surface, and is very cost effective. Once mixed and blended into your...

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