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Springride Chip

Springride 20mm Eco Rubber Chip

Springride Premium 23mm and 25mm Rubber Chip

Springride 25mm and 30mm Heavy Chip

  • Easy to lay and maintain
  • Relieves deadness in sand
  • Resists freezing in winter
  • Helps to maintain moisture in Summer
  • Aids drainage
  • Relieves concussion
  • Increases spring
  • Improves performance
  • Approved rubber chippings for horse arenas

A tested and economic but very efficient rubber surface. Adding a 2” covering of Springride Chip® to your sand will immediately relieve deadness and improve sand condition.

The greater percentage of rubber will stay on the surface (depending on sand quality) providing a cushioned ride whilst eliminating surface water and preventing freezing.

Our Springride Chip® is produced from the highest quality rubber and fibre composites using the latest technology, making it ideal rubber chippings for horse arenas. A great deal of care is taken in the production of Springride Chip and we believe it is the best tyre chip product available today.

You're such a nice company to deal with, really helpful and not pushy. Really pleased with our Premium Chip, the boys love it. Thank you Springride.

horse arena leveller

Our Springride towable arena levellers are totally designed with our surfaces in mind and will level any surface without issue. Our levellers have sprung tines to rake over high spots and a patterned roller that rolls and beats the surface level. The levellers are made to a high standard and are galvanised.

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