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Springride Shred

Springride Shred

Our original surface introduced 25 years ago, still in use today and made Springride the well known name it is today.

A blend of specifically shaped and uniquely patterned rubber that anchors into the sand layer to create a stable surface.

This product greatly reduces maintenance, provides great cushioning, and spring with minimal kick back.

Springride Shred® has great drainage properties and reduces dust, retaining moisture in dry months.

Springride Shred® minimise the chance of freezing and is perfect for an all year arena.

I had my Springride Shred delivered towards the end of last year and finally got them spread before Christmas. During the bad weather, the thermometer in our open barn read minus 20 but my school didn't freeze. Thanks to your company as the surface is great for all my horses and my friends horses and ponies. The children feel secure in the school and are enjoying themselves. We love Springride.

horse arena leveller

Springride towable arena levellers are specifically designed with our surfaces in mind and will level any surface easily. With sprung tines to rake over high spots and a specially patterned roller which rolls and beats the surface level, they are made to the highest standard and are galvanised.

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